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Tour in Germany, Holland and England

Published 1832
Author Pueckler-Muskau, Hermann Ludwig Heinrich von
Translator Austin, Sarah
Title Tour in Germany, Holland and England, in the Years 1826, 1827, & 1828; with Remarks on the Manners and Customs of the Inhabitants, and Anecdotes of Distinguished Public Characters. In a Series of Letters. By a German Prince. In Four Volumes.
Publisher’s imprint London: Effingham Wilson, Royal Exchange. 1832.
Printer’s colophon Printed by Richard Taylor, Red Lion Court, Fleet Street.
Format 12o; 2 vols: pp. [v]-xvi. 384(III); [v]-x. 389(IV)
Sources McVeagh; NSTC
Copy inspected Google Oxford
  1. Editions: Stuttgart 1831(German), 1832(vols 1-2), 1832(vols 3-4). Volumes 3-4 are a continuation and extension of a two-volume set published previously in the same year. See BTW1219.

  2. Reviews: Athenaeum, no. 225 (Sat., 18 Feb. 1832): 105-07; Original, no. 5 (Sat., 31 Mar. 1832): 73-75; Asiatic Journal 7.28, n.s. (Apr. 1832): 337; Monthly Rev. 1.4, n.s. (Apr. 1832): 503-24; Gentleman's Mag. 102 (May 1832): 432-34; North Amer. Rev. 36.78 (Jan. 1833): 1-48.

  3. Full text links: Google vol. 3; vol. 4

Genre Narrative letters
BTW record no. BTW1223
Regions Germany, Holland, England

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