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Gleanings from Travels in England, Ireland, and through Italy

Published 1840
Author Mitchell, T.
Title Gleanings from Travels in England, Ireland, and through Italy; or, Comparative Views of Society at Home & Abroad. Illustrated by Historical Facts, Biographical Sketches, etc., etc. By Mrs. T. Mitchell.
Publisher’s imprint Belfast: Printed by Joseph Smyth, 34, High-Street. Price, Thirteen Shillings. [n.d.]
Format 12o; 2 vols: pp. [iii]-vi. 312. [1](I), 312. [1](II)
Sources lst Google; NSTC; OCLC 60701868
Copy inspected BL C193.a.74
  1. T.p. epigraph: [“In point of fact, travelling is good or evil, or neither, according to the degree in which the traveller has been previously prepared to turn to good account, or bad account, or no account at all, the opportunities which travelling affords.” Lord High Treasurer Burghley.].

  2. Reviews: Freeman's Journal (Sat., 26 Sept. 1846).

Genre Guidebook
BTW record no. BTW1217
Regions France, England, Ireland, Italy

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