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A Picture of Monmouthshire

Published 1802
Authors Coxe, Emilia Henrietta, Coxe, William
Pseudonym A Lady
Title A Picture of Monmouthshire, or an Abridgement of Mr. Coxe’s Historical Tour in Monmouthshire. By a Lady.
Publisher’s imprint London: Printed for T. Cadell, Jun. and W. Davies, in the Strand. 1802.
Printer’s colophon Luke Hansard, Printer, Great Turnstile, Lincoln’s-Inn Fields.
Format 8o; 1 vol.: pp. [1]. 5-7. [4]. 168
Sources NSTC C3993
Copy inspected Google Harv
  1. Dedicated ‘To the Rev. William Coxe’ [William Coxe (1748–1828; ODNB), historian, travel writer, and Church of England clergyman].

  2. This is partly an abridgement and partly a retelling of William Coxe's An Historical Tour in Monmouthshire (London, 1801).

  3. Editions: A Description of the Town and Neighbourhood of Chepstow. Compiled from an Abridgment of Mr. Coxe’s Historical Tour in Monmouthshire (Chepstow: S. Rogers, 1806).

  4. Reviews: Anti-Jacobin Rev. & Mag. 13.54 (Dec. 1802): 149; Monthly Rev. 40 (Feb. 1803): 223; Annual Rev. 1 (1803): 500.

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Genre Guidebook
BTW record no. BTW1215
Region Wales

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