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Eleven Additional Letters from Russia

Published 1785
Author Vigor, Jane
Editor Anon
Title Eleven Additional Letters from Russia, in the Reign of Peter II. by the Late Mrs. Vigor. Never before Published. With a Preface and Notes.
Publisher’s imprint [London: J. Dodsley. 1785].
Format 8o; 1 vol.: pp. viii. [4]. 78
Sources ESTC T67234; lst Google; Robinson; Turner
Copy inspected ECCO BL
  1. Editions: This booklet was ‘printed so as to be bound up with’ (preface) Vigor’s Letters from a Lady, Who Resided Some Years in Russia, to Her Friend in England. With Historical Notes which existed in two editions printed for J. Dodsley (1775; 1777).

  2. Reviews: Gentleman's Mag. 55.5, pt 1 (May 1785): 371-72; Scots Mag. 47 (June 1785): 287-88; Critical Rev. 60 (July 1785): 80; English Rev. (Dec. 1785): 428; Monthly Rev. 74 (Mar. 1786): 235.

Genre Narrative letters
BTW record no. BTW1191
Region Russia in Europe

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