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Letters from Brussels

Published 1835
Author Thorold, Anne Laura
Title Letters from Brussels, in the Summer of 1835. By Mrs. Arthur Thorold.
Publisher’s imprint London: Printed for Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, Green, and Longman. Paternoster-Row. 1835.
Printer’s colophon London: Printed by Manning and Smithson, Ivy-Lane, Paternoster Row.
Format 12o; 1 vol.: pp. [1]. [5]-287
Sources NSTC 2T11211; Robinson
Copy inspected Google Oxford
  1. Dedicated ‘To My Mother’ [Dorcas Temple, née Carveth (1786-1866)].

  2. Reviews: Literary Gaz., no. 977 (Oct. 10, 1835): 643-45; Court Mag. and Belle Assemblée 7.5 (Nov. 1835): 218; Gentleman's Mag. (Dec. 1835): 629.

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Genre Narrative letters
BTW record no. BTW1182
Region Holland

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