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The Irish Tourist

Published 1837
Author Taylor, Emily
Title The Irish Tourist; or, the People and the Provinces of Ireland.
Publisher’s imprint London: Darton and Harvey, Gracechurch Street. 1837.
Printer’s colophon London: Joseph Rickerby, Printer, Sherbourn-Lane.
Format 8o; 1 vol.: pp. xii. 271
Sources BBT, 418; McVeagh; NSTC 2I4044
Copy inspected Google Oxford
  1. From author’s preface: ‘My intention ... has been to present juvenile readers with ... a view of Ireland [drawn from] ... diligent study of the best tourists, some personal knowledge of the country, and a memory, early filled with details gathered from ... those who knew well the land’.

  2. Reviews: Athenaeum, no. 500 (27 May 1837): 381-82; Fraser's Mag. 15.90 (June 1837): 765-73; Dublin Rev. 3.5 (Jul. 1837): 275.

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Genre Narrative
BTW record no. BTW1180
Region Ireland

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