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Six Weeks on the Loire

Published 1833
Author Strutt, Elizabeth
Title Six Weeks on the Loire with a Peep into La Vendée.
Publisher’s imprint London: W. Simpkin and R. Marshall, Stationers’-Hall Court. 1833.
Printer’s colophon London: Henry Cremer, Printer, Cornhill.
Format 8o; 1 vol.: pp. [2]. 408; plate
Sources CHLS; Corvey; lst Google; NSTC 2L19958; Robinson
Copy inspected BL19thC
  1. T.p. epigraph (1): [“La Loire enorgueillit ses antiques cités / “Et couronne ses bords de coteaux enchantés.” Houden.]; from François-Slyvain-Denis Houdan-Deslandes, La Nature sauvage et pittoresque (1808), chant 2, p. 81.

  2. T.p. epigraph (2): [“The manners of a people are not to be found in the schools of learning or the palaces of greatness: ... Nor is public happiness to be estimated by the assemblies of the gay, or the banquets of the rich: ... they whose aggregate constitutes a people, are found in the streets and the villages, in the shops and farms: and from them collectively considered, must the measure of general prosperity be taken.” Johnson.]; from Samuel Johnson, A Journey to the Western Islands of Scotland (1775), p. 45.

  3. Dedicated ‘To the Countess of Euston’ [Mary Caroline Berkeley (1795-1873), daughter of Admiral Hon. Sir George Cranfield Berkeley and Lady Emilia Charlotte Lennox. She became Countess of Euston after marrying Henry Fitzroy, 5th earl of Grafton (1690-1863), styled earl of Euston from 1811 until 1844].

  4. Includes ‘Introductory Sonnet’ (and concludes with another sonnet).

  5. Reviews: Athenaeum, no. 278 (23 Feb. 1833): 114-15; Literary Gaz., no. 840 (23 Feb. 1833): 117-18, cont. no. 841 (2 Mar. 1833): 134-35; Parliamentary Rev. 1.5 (28 Feb. 1833): 296; Examiner, no. 1309 (3 Mar. 1833): 132; Court Mag. and belle assemblee 2.4 (Apr. 1833): 205-06; Gentleman's Mag. (Apr. 1833): 338-40; Monthly Rev. 1.4 (Apr. 1833): 467-80; Fraser's Mag. 7.42 (June 1833): 716-30; New Monthly Mag. 38.151 (July 1833): 326-28 ['How to Travel'].

Genre Narrative
BTW record no. BTW1177
Region France

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