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Views in India, Chiefly among the Himalaya Mountains

Published 1838
Author White, George Francis
Editor Roberts, Emma
Title Views in India, Chiefly among the Himalaya Mountains. By Lieut. George Francis White, of the 31st Regt. Edited by Emma Roberts.
Publisher’s imprint [London and Paris:] Fisher, Son, and Co., London & Paris. MDCCCXXXVIII [1838].
Printer’s colophon Fisher, Son, and Co. Printers.
Format 4o; 1 vol.: pp. x. [11]-84; plates
Sources Leask; NSTC 2W16867
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  1. T.p. epigraph: [“I have beheld nearly all the celebrated scenery of Europe, which poets and painters have immortalized, and of which all the tourists in the world are enamoured; but I have seen it surpassed in these unfrequented and almost unknown regions.” Capt. Skinner’s Journal of a Tour in the Himalaya Mountains.]; from Thomas Skinner, Excursions in India; Including a Walk over the Himalaya Mountains, 2 vols (1832), 1:268.

  2. Editions: 1836 [The first edition was published as Views in India, Chiefly among the Himalaya Mountains, Taken during Tours in the Direction of Mussooree, Simla, the Sources of the Jumna and Ganges, &c. &c., in 1829-31-32, with Notes and Descriptive Illustrations, 2 vols (London: Fisher, 1836). Emma Roberts was commissioned to revise the descriptions in the second edition of 1838.]

  3. Reviews: Literary Gaz. 1090 (9 Dec. 1837): 778-79; Eclectic Rev. 4 (July 1838): 121.

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Region India

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