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Voyages to the Madeira, and Leeward Caribbean Islands

Published 1792
Author Riddell, Maria
Title Voyages to the Madeira, and Leeward Caribbean Islands: with Sketches of the Natural History of these Islands. By Maria R******.
Publisher’s imprint Edinburgh: Printed for Peter Hill, and T. Cadell, London. 1792.
Format 12o; 1 vol.: pp. ix. 105
Sources Cox, 2:228, attrib. Maria Randall; xECCO; ESTC T139489; lst Google; Turner; Robinson
Copy inspected Sabin Americana CY3801037763 - LC
  1. Dedicated 'To Mr. William Smellie, Member of the Antiquarian and Royal Societies of Edinburgh' [William Smellie (1740-1795; ODNB), Scottish printer, editor, and author].

  2. The author was a friend of Robert Burns, who had a hand in the printing of the book.

  3. Reviews: Weekly Entertainer 20.499 (27 Aug. 1792): 213-19 ['Curious Particulars in Natural History' (Extracts)]; Critical Rev. 6, n.s. (Sept. 1792): 77-80; Monthly Rev. 9 (Oct. 1792): 219-20; New London Mag., no. 4 (Apr. 1793): 185.

Genre Narrative
BTW record no. BTW1144
Region Caribbean

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