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Protestant Vigils; or, Evening Records of a Journey in Italy

Published 1829
Author Morton, Harriet
Title Protestant Vigils; or, Evening Records of a Journey in Italy, in the Years 1826 and 1827. By Harriet Morton. In Two Volumes.
Publisher’s imprint London: Published by R. B. Seeley, and W. Burnside; and Sold by L. B. Seeley and Sons, Fleet-Street, and G. Wilson, Essex-Street, Strand. MDCCCXXIX [1829].
Printer’s colophon London: Printed by William Clowes, Stamford-Street.
Format 8o; 2 vols: pp. xi. 267(I), vii. 299(II); plates
Sources Brand; CHLS; Corvey; NSTC 2M38252; PC
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  1. T.p. epigraph: [Si! Gesù è la luce / Che il Popolo smarito; / Il notto rischiarò: Questo è la Verga / Che in fonte di salute / Apre i macigni: Il Sacerdote è Questo / Fra la vita e la morte / Pietoso Mediator!]; adapted from Metastasio, La Passione di Gesù Cristo (1730), pt 2.

  2. Dedicated ‘To Her Grace The Duchess of Beaufort’ [Charlotte Sophia Somerset, née Leveson-Gower (1771-1854), an evangelical Methodist, was duchess to Henry Charles Somerset, sixth duke of Beaufort (1766-1835)].

  3. Reviews: New Monthly Mag. 27.108 (1 Dec. 1829): 517; Evangelical Mag. 7, n.s. (1829): 587; Eclectic Rev. 3, n.s. (Mar. 1830): 277-81; Christian Observer, no. 355 (July 1831): 433-42, cont. no. 356 (Aug. 1831): 489-506.

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Genre Narrative
BTW record no. BTW1120
Region Italy

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