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Recollections of Egypt

Published 1827
Author Minutoli, Wolfradine-Auguste-Luise von
Translator Lloyd, Susette Harriet
Title Recollections of Egypt: by the Baroness Von Minutoli. With a Portrait of Mahomet Ali Pacha.
Publisher’s imprint London: Printed for Treuttel & Würtz, Treuttel, Jun. & Richter, Soho Square. 1827.
Printer’s colophon London: Printed by S. and R. Bentley, Dorset Street.
Format 8o; 1 vol.: pp. xvii. 279; plate
Sources lst Google; NSTC 2M24697
Copy inspected BL 19thC 790.f.25
  1. 'Note by the Translator' signed 'S. H. L.', almost certainly Susette Harriet Lloyd.

  2. Editions: Paris 1826 (French), London 1827 (English trans.), Philadelphia 1827, Leipzig 1829 (German trans.)

  3. Reviews: London Literary Gaz., no. 521 (Sat., 13 Jan. 1827): 19-20; Eclectic Rev. 27, n.s. (Feb. 1827): 132-36; Monthly Rev. 4.17, n.s. (Feb. 1827): 132-41; Asiatic Journal 23.136 (Apr. 1827): 504-06; United States Rev. 2 (July 1827): 314; Jahrbücher der Literatur 56 (Oct.-Dec. 1831): 1-67.

Genre Narrative
BTW record no. BTW1113
Region Egypt

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