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Narrative of a Three Years' Residence in Italy

Published 1828
Author Martin, Selina
Title Narrative of a Three Years' Residence in Italy, 1819-1822. With Illustrations of the Present State of Religion in that Country.
Publisher’s imprint London: Printed for John Murray, Albemarle Street; and R. M. Tims; and Curry and Co. Dublin. 1828.
Printer’s colophon London: Printed by R. Gilbert, St. John’s Square.
Format 12o; 1 vol.: pp. xv. 356
Sources Brand; Corvey; NSTC 2M593; PC; Robinson
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  1. Dedicated ‘To Sir Robert Harry Inglis, Bart.’ [Sir Robert Harry, second baronet Inglis (1786-1855; ODNB), politician, was associated with the Clapham Sect of evangelical Anglicanism].

  2. Editions: 1828, Dublin 1831(2nd).

  3. Reviews: London Literary Gaz., no. 574 (Sat., 19 Jan. 1828): 33-35; Lady's Monthly Museum 27 (Feb. 1828): 103-05; Monthly Rev. 7.30, n.s. (Feb. 1828): 256-64; Christian Observer 3.28 (Mar. 1828): 191-97 [additional extracts in appendix to volume 3, 805-13]; Wesleyan Methodist Mag. 7, 3rd ser. (Mar. 1828): 189-90; Christian Examiner and Church of Ireland Mag. 6.34 (April 1828): 299-301; Religious Mag. 1.6 (June 1828): 521-26 [repr. from Christian Observer]; Christian Observer 29.1 (Jan. 1829): 22-30; National Mag. 2.10 (Apr. 1831): 479-81 [2nd ed.].

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Genre Narrative letters
BTW record no. BTW1108
Region Italy

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