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Two Months at Kilkee

Published 1836
Author Knott, Mary John
Illustrator Kirkwood, John
Title Two Months at Kilkee, a Watering Place in the County of Clare, Near the Mouth of the Shannon, with an Account of a Voyage down that River from Limerick to Kilrush, and Sketches of Objects of Interest in the Neighbourhood, Which Will Serve as a Guide to the Coast Scenery. By Mary John Knott, with Engravings, &c..
Publisher’s imprint Dublin: William Curry Jun. and Co. and Richard M. Tims. G. Ridings, Cork; C. O’Brien, Z. M. Ledger, G. M’Kern, Limerick; Edmund Fry and Son, R. Groombridge, and Simpkin, Marshall and Company, London. George Davy, Bristol; J. Davenport, Liverpool; and Fraser and Co. Edinburgh. 1836.
Printer’s colophon P. D. Hardy, Printer.
Format 12o; 1 vol.: pp. xii. 255. [2](index); plates
Sources BBT, 429; McVeagh; NSTC 2K6969
Copy inspected Google LPL
  1. Plates engr. by J. Kirkwood, 11 Crow St., Dublin.

  2. Reviews: Literary Gaz., no. 1033 (Sat., 5 Nov. 1836): 710-12; Athenaeum 473 (19 Nov. 1836): 815; New Monthly Mag. 48.192 (Dec. 1836): 512; British Farmer's Mag. 1.1, n.s. (Apr. 1837): 115-18.

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Genre Narrative
BTW record no. BTW1101
Region Ireland

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