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Richmond and Its Surrounding Scenery

Published 1832
Author Hofland, Barbara
Illustrator Cooke, William Bernard
Title Richmond and Its Surrounding Scenery, Engraved by and under the Direction of W. B. Cooke; with Descriptive Letterpress, by Mrs. Hofland; Containing Twenty-Four Plates.
Publisher’s imprint London: W. B. Cooke. 1832.
Format 4o; 1 vol.: pp. x. 74; plates; letterpress
Sources lst Google; NSTC 2H29412; OCLC 13244816
Copy inspected
  1. Editions: Printed serially in 2 parts: 1831(pt 1), 1832(pt 2).

  2. Reviews: Monthly Mag. 12.72 (Dec. 1831): 689 [rev. of pt 1]; Literary Gaz., no. 827 (Nov. 24, 1832): 747 [rev. of pt 2].

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BTW record no. BTW1088
Region England

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