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The Land Log-Book

Published 1836
Author Hoding, Sarah
Title The Land Log-Book; a Compilation of Anecdotes and Occurrences Extracted from the Journal Kept by the Author, during a Residence of Several Years in the United States of America. Containing Useful Hints to Those Who Intend to Emigrate to that Country. By Sarah Hoding.
Publisher’s imprint London: Simpkin, Marshall and Co. 1836.
Printer’s colophon John Noble, Printer, Market-Place, Boston.
Format 12o; 1 vol.: pp. ii. 278
Sources NSTC 2H25177
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  1. Reviews: Tait's Edinburgh Mag. 3.33 (Sept. 1836): 613; Literary Gaz., no. 1046 (Sat., 4 Feb. 1837): 71.

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Genre Narrative journal
BTW record no. BTW1083
Region United States

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