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A Tour, Performed in the Years 1795-6

Published 1802
Author Guthrie, Marie
Editor Guthrie, Matthew
Title A Tour, Performed in the Years 1795-6, through the Taurida, or Crimea, the Antient Kingdom of Bosphorus, the Once-Powerful Republic of Tauric Cherson, and All the Other Countries on the North Shore of the Euxine, Ceded to Russia by the Peace of Kainardgi and Jassy; by Mrs. Maria Guthrie, Formerly Acting Directress of the Imperial Convent for the Education of the Female Nobility of Russia; Described in a Series of Letters to Her Husband, the Editor, Matthew Guthrie, M.D. F.R.S. and F.S.A. of London and Edinburgh, Member of the Philosophical Society of Manchester, &c. &c. Physician to the First and Second Imperial Corps of Noble Cadets in St. Petersburgh, and Councillor of State to His Imperial Majesty of All the Russias. The Whole illustrated by a Map of the Tour along the Euxine Coast, from the Dniester to the Cuban; with Engravings of a Great Number of Ancient Coins, Medals, Monuments, Inscriptions, and Other Curious Objects.
Publisher’s imprint London: Printed by Nichols and Son, Red Lion Passage, Fleet Street, for T. Cadell, Jun. and W. Davies, in the Strand. 1802.
Printer’s colophon Nichols and Son, Printers, Red Lion Passage, Fleet-Street.
Format 4o; 1 vol.: pp. xxiv. 446; plates; map
Sources NSTC G2466; Robinson
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  1. Dedicated 'To His Imperial Majesty Alexander the First, Emperor and Autocrat of All the Russias, &c.' [Aleksandr Pavlovich (1777-1825), emperor of Russia from 1801 to 1825].

  2. Attribution: In his introduction, Matthew Guthrie notes that in addition to being the editor (and Maria Guthrie's collaborator), he also translated the original materials from the French.

  3. Editions: Cox 1:199 mistakenly lists 1st edition as 1800.

  4. Reviews: Annual Rev. 1 (1802): 62-66; British Critic 22 (Sept. 1803): 275-80; Monthly Rev. 42 (Nov. 1803): 225-42; Critical Rev. 2 (May 1804): 44-51.

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Genre Narrative letters
BTW record no. BTW1076
Region Russia in Asia

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