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Rome, in the Nineteenth Century

Published 1820
Author Eaton, Charlotte Anne
Title Rome, in the Nineteenth Century; Containing a Complete Account of the Ruins of the Ancient City, the Remains of the Middle Ages, and the Monuments of Modern Times. With Remarks on the Fine Arts, on the State of Society, and on the Religious Ceremonies, Manners, and Customs, of the Modern Romans. In a Series of Letters Written during a Residence at Rome, in the Years 1817 and 1818. In Three Volumes.
Publisher’s imprint Edinburgh: Printed by James Ballantyne and Company, for Archibald Constable and Co. Edinburgh; and Hurst, Robinson, and Co. London. 1820.
Printer’s colophon Edinburgh: Printed by James Ballantyne & Co.
Format 12o; 3 vols: pp. viii. [v]-xviii. 368(I), ix. 433(II), ix. 424(III)
Sources Corvey; NSTC 2R16593; PC
Copy inspected Bodl 8oO16-18BS; Google UMich
  1. T.p. epigraph: [“’Tis Rome demands our tears, / The Mistress of the World, the seat of empire, / The nurse of heroes, the delight of gods,– / That humbled the proud tyrants of the earth, / And set the nations free,–Rome is no more!”]; from Joseph Addison, Cato (1713), IV.ii.

  2. Editions: Edinburgh 1822(2nd), Edinburgh 1823(3rd), Edinburgh 1826(4th).

  3. Reviews: Literary Gaz., no. 211 (3 Feb. 1821): [65]-67, cont. no. 212 (10 Feb. 1821): 86-87, cont. no. 213 (17 Feb. 1821): 100-02; Literary Chron. 3.94 (2 Mar. 1821): 134-36; Eclectic Rev. 15 (May 1821): 393-418; Westminster Rev. 3.6 (Apr. 1825): 358-85; Christian Observer 25.282 (June 1825): 349-56.

  4. Full text links: Google vol. 1, vol. 2, vol. 3

Genre Narrative letters
BTW record no. BTW1053
Region Italy

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