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Journal of the Visit of Her Majesty the Queen, to Tunis, Greece, and Palestine

Published 1821
Author Demont, Jeanne Louise Anthoinette
Translator Garston, Edgar
Title Journal of the Visit of Her Majesty the Queen, to Tunis, Greece, and Palestine; Written by Louise Demont. With Other Corresponding Papers, Collected in Switzerland, and Translated by Edgar Garston.
Publisher’s imprint London: Printed for T. and J. Allman, Booksellers to Her Majesty, Princes-Street, Hanover-Square. 1821.
Printer’s colophon Barnard and Farley, Skinner-Street, London.
Format 8o; 1 vol.: pp. xxiv. 84
Sources Corvey; NSTC 2D8731; Weber 2:100, GT1731.2
Copy inspected Google Harv (bound with A Letter from the King, 25th edn, 1821)
  1. Editions: 1821(French edn). A related title, attributed to John Adolphus (1768-1845) and which borrows freely from Demont's work, is Voyages and Travels of Her Majesty, Caroline Queen of Great Britain [...] By One of Her Majesty's Suite (London: Jones & Co, 1821), reprinted in 1822 and 1823.

  2. Garston dates the introductory letter to the 1st English edition, 'Surrey Street, Strand, 15th January, 1821', while in the French edition, also published in London by Allman, it is dated 'Surrey Street, Strand, le 20 Janvier, 1821'. The French edition appears under the title: Journal des voyages de S. M. La Reine [...] avec d'autres papiers recueillis en Suisse; précédés d'un mémoire expliquant la maniere dont le journal a été obtenu. Par Edgar Garston.

  3. Reviews: Literary Chron., no. 90 (Sat., 3 Feb. 1821): 68-69; Literary Gaz. 1.16 (Sat., 21 Apr. 1821): 241-49, cont. 1.17 (Sat., 28 Apr. 1821): 264-67, cont. 1.18 (Sat., 5 May 1821): 280-83 [Philadelphia (US)].

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Genre Narrative journal
BTW record no. BTW1045
Regions Tunis, Palestine, Greece

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