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Tunbridge Wells, and Its Neighbourhood

Published 1810
Authors Amsinck, Paul, Byrne, Letitia
Illustrator Byrne, Letitia
Title Tunbridge Wells, and Its Neighbourhood, Illustrated by a Series of Etchings, and Historical Descriptions. By Paul Amsinck, Esq. The Etchings Executed by Letitia Byrne.
Publisher’s imprint London: Published by William Miller, Albemarle Street; and Edmund Lloyd, Harley Street. 1810.
Printer’s colophon G. E. Miles, Printer, 127, Oxford Street, London.
Format 4o; 1 vol.: pp. [6]. 183; plates
Sources BBT, 148; NSTC A1171; OCLC 7200106
Copy inspected Google National Central Library of Florence
  1. Contains list of subscribers.

  2. Reviews: British Critic 26 (Sept. 1810): 246-49.

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Genre Topographical description
BTW record no. BTW1034
Region England

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