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Hannah Carter

Carter, Hannah, later Smith, c.1789—1879

by Benjamin Colbert

Hannah Carter was the youngest of three daughters born to John Carter (1725-1810), brother to the poet Elizabeth Carter (1707-1806; ODNB), and his third wife Ann Carter, née Powell.

She was among the first travellers to enter Paris in 1814 during Napoleon’s brief exile on Elba and her Letters, based on those written to her sister Charlotte Carter von Humboldt (b. 1786), were published soon after her return.

She later married George Smith (c. 1777-1857), Secretary to the Navy Board. At some point they relocated to Malines, Belgium, where George Smith died in 1857. Hannah Carter Smith continued to reside at Malines, where she died 22 years later.


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Title Published
Letters from a Lady to Her Sister, during a Tour to Paris 1814

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