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Hannah Ann Bullock

Bullock, Hannah Ann née Brooks, ?—c.1818

by Benjamin Colbert

Hannah Ann Brooks was the only daughter of Henry Brooks. On 1 September 1790, she married Stanley Bullock (c.1767-1841) at St. George’s Church in Bloomsbury. Her husband was a prominent warehouseman and factor, and served as steward for the Westminster General Dispensary charity. She bore his son in 1793, also named Stanley (1793-c.1861). However, in 1798 her husband’s business failed and their considerable possessions and assets were sold off to satisfy creditors, including their family residence near King Street, on which fifteen years’ lease remained (Morn. Chron.).

At some point after this, they moved to the Isle of Man, where, from 1809 they were resident in Hague House, Onchan. The Bullocks directed an at-first successful farming venture, winning a cup from the President of the Workington Agricultural Society for ‘the best managed farm in the Isle of Man’ (Lanc. Gaz.). This venture, too, eventually ran into financial difficulties and was sold by creditors with the house in 1815. In History, Hannah Bullock bids farewell to the Isle of Man, and her movements thereafter subside into obscurity.


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History of the Isle of Man 1816

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