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Mary Blanckley

Blanckley, Mary née Richards, fl. 1800—1820

by Benjamin Colbert

Mary Richards Blanckley's origins are unknown. On 13 March 1800, while residing in Sulham-house, Berkshire, she married Henry Stanyford Blanckley (1752-1820), a British officer, consul-general in the Balearic Islands and later at Algiers. She gave birth to her daughter, Elizabeth, in 1801 at the Isle of Man, and by 1806 the whole family (including children from Henry's previous marriage) embarked via Sardinia and Malta for Algiers when her husband took up his consul generalship there. They remained in Algiers until May 1812, after which their movements are less clear, although these involved a residence near Paris from 1817 to at least 1818 and possibly 1820, in which year Mary Blanckley erected a monument to her recently deceased husband at Versailles.


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Title Published
Six Years Residence in Algiers 1839

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