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Elizabeth Broughton

Broughton, Elizabeth née Blanckley, c.1801—1859

by Benjamin Colbert

Elizabeth (Blanckley) Broughton was born on the Isle of Man, daughter of Henry Stanyford Blanckley (1752-1820), English consul-general to Algiers, and his second wife (m. 13 Mar. 1800), Mary, née Richards. Although the eldest child of her mother, she joined four considerably older children from her father’s previous marriage, including two half-sisters.

By 1806 the family embarked via Sardinia and Malta for Algiers when her father took up his post there. They remained in Algiers until May 1812, after which their movements are less clear, although these involved a residence near Paris from 1817 to 1818. Later Elizabeth married Edward Broughton, head master of a ‘classical and mathematical boarding school’ at Newington House, Edinburgh, from which place she dates the preface to Six Years Residence on April, 1839.

By 1849 she was domiciled in Montpellier, France, where she died 26 June 1859. She is buried at the protestant cemetery in Montpellier.


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Title Published
Six Years Residence in Algiers 1839

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