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Mary Teresa Boddington

Boddington, Mary Teresa née Comerford, 1776—1840

by Benjamin Colbert

Mary Comerford Boddington was born in Cork, the daughter of Patrick Comerford (d. 1796), wine merchant, and Anne Comerford, sister of Sir William Gleadowe-Newcomen. She left Cork for London in 1803, and two years later married Thomas Boddington (1774-1862), West Indian merchant, whose lucrative business was centred there. They had three children: Mary Theresa (1806-98); Thomas (1807-81); and Harriet (1809-77). After 1815, she toured on the continent. Slight Reminiscences (1834) was her first book, followed by a collection of tales, The Gossip's Week (1836), her second travel book, Sketches (1837), and Poems (1839), all with Longman.


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Title Published
Slight Reminiscences of the Rhine, Switzerland, and a Corner of Italy 1834
Sketches in the Pyrenees 1837

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